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Happy Thanksgiving! 2014 by HannahNew
Happy Thanksgiving! 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is Sam, a robot/toy/lion. He’s a bit of comic relief amongst my characters. He loves dress up, cooking, and hoarding random objects. I’m redoing him in CG, as a back-burner project. 

Here is the pic on tumblr…

48 Hour Film still by HannahNew
48 Hour Film still
48 Hour Film at Calarts! The topic this year was robots. All the lights and glows made slow rendering an issue. I had to lessen the quality to meet the deadline, but I'm still happy with the look. 

He looks snazzy being so super shiny. =-P
I'll post the film later once we screen them together as a group
Russ and Octi by HannahNew
Russ and Octi
This scene is when Octi is first getting to know Russell. He is withdrawn and too shy to even talk to her.  She is persistent, but patient about befriending him. Over time, he learns to trust her and they become best friends. I imagine her saying "Why don't you talk?" or "Why do you sit all alone?" Russ has something called selective mutism that makes it hard for him to open up to people. I didn't know this behavior had an actual name until recently. October is Selective mutism awareness month, so I wanted to make a contribution! 

Modeling and lighting by me ^_^
ITF Render Test by HannahNew
ITF Render Test
My models are now rigged and ready to animate for my Calarts short film! These characters are part of a much larger story/world, but for the sake of simplicity, I plan to make the short film self-contained. I am playing with lighting and environments now. The 3d image is a rough maya render minus the red filter which was added in photoshop. 
Morality Chart by HannahNew
Morality Chart
For the fun of it, I made this alignment chart for some of my characters. Social evil has two characters on it since he has two bodies. Social neutral and chaotic evil are the same character but he has a split personality disorder. I know most of these guys haven’t been introduced yet to examine this too deeply. Top= selflesly heroic. Bottom= selfishly ambitious. Moral characters lack courage to be heroes and impure lack drive to be completely evil. Lawful have rules and standards. Chaotics act on passion.  

Descriptions (For people interested in learning more) 

Lawful Good
Jessie goes out of her way to be a selfless hero. As a soldier, obeying orders and serving her nation are unshakable duties. A true patriot, she thinks the law’s good intent will rise above any corrupt superiors along the way. Her loyalty remains strong to see that justice and order keep an upper hand over free radicals. She will gladly sacrifice herself to protect her nation’s leaders.
Social Good
Julia is also a soldier. The difference between her a Jessie is that she is not brainwashed. She will give her life to protect people, but not the country itself. She will aid the greater good even if that means disobeying and occasionally betraying her misguided leaders. Though she doesn’t agree with everything the law stands for, she believes it exists mostly for good and will strive to keep it that way.
Neutral Good 
Ethan believes in government but only one that serves the people rather than rules them. He is strongly against the abuse of power, but will not act on it himself. He has plenty of wisdom for those willing to listen. Selfless and bold, Ethan speaks out against evil without fear of being targeted. (This includes speaking out against Octis and Copter)
Rebel Good
Octi is a freethinker and acts out how she sees fit. Her heart is young and searching for a way to make the world better even if that means breaking all the rules. As a person with power and status, few can oppose her. She originated as a computer virus giving her a taste for disorder. She is only a child, but her even her smallest actions slowly sculpt the minds around her. Like many of the kids in my story she believes love defeats all evil, but her target is very specific. Her plan is to change the mind of the most corrupted super power known as Robiv by conquering his heart.
Chaotic Good
Like Octi, Randa is guided by liberated beliefs to revolutionize society. The problem is, she is not completely sane.  She doesn’t want to make the world better; she wants to make the world perfect. To do so, she must vanquish all that she deems evil. Justice is only reached through total global purification. She will sacrifice her own purity to create a better world for everyone else. On the other hand, she is gullible and is lead astray by rebels that say they fight for a better the world, but truly only want destruction and revenge.
Lawful Moral
Peony is a law-abiding citizen who uses her knowledge to create medicines that treat the sick and strengthen the rest. She is meek and timid making her unsuited for heroics, but she has a strong conscience. She has favor among the national leaders (Octis, Copter, and Ket) and can speak reason to them as a friend without fear of being out of line. Even for power driven characters like them, she can be a compassionate person to vent to. Even if the government is too powerful, she would rather support the order than the violence of civil war. She follows the law and keeps the peace by helping those in need without ever needing a spot light.
Social Moral
Russell lives a quiet orderly life. His good heart struggles in the unfair unjust world around him. He is no hero because he avoids conflict and violence. His best friend is Flint who has reputation for being mentally unstable. He also befriends ryfusd, a monster all his own. Russ is sympathetic and understanding to even the worst of people. He knows the government isn’t perfect, but it might be the last thing holding the crumbling world together. He might not be a brave hero, but he can motivate those who are with his support. He can win the hearts of his enemies by showing them them forgiveness.
Neutral Moral
Jake is a simple character. He isn’t the brightest so he doesn’t care for politics. He doesn’t see the world as a place of law and crime. He only sees people as people. His life isn’t guided by rules, rather by his loyalty to his loved ones (including Ace). He will do anything to defend and keep them safe even if that means hurting others or doing criminal acts. He still is considered moral, however, because he is against killing and will help the innocent even if they are strangers.
Rebel Moral
Jennifer has absolutely no care for authority. She hates rules and breaks them out of spite because her life growing up was strict. Though she acts like a punk, she still has a good heart. She is unpredictable, but not a bad person. She may be hard headed and selfish at times, but she will step up against real crime and real evil.  To her, that means the government and her father Bimlark.
Chaotic Moral
Rufus is a fugitive of the law in many nations. He is a cyber criminal guilty of treason, hacking, and even murder. Rufus is an engineering genius lacking direction. His greed and selfish decisions lead to many ruined lives. He’s far from lawful, but he is still considered moral. He feels regret for past actions and wants to change.  Despite his faults, he builds a family (including his son Russell) and strives to redeem himself. He keeps the government on their toes and does his best to outwit them.
Lawful Neutral
Quena is an old-fashioned thinker conservatively believing the nation’s strength and power comes from upholding history and customs. The law is everything to her simple life as a palace worker. She only sees the good in the government and refuses to see the rebels as anything but thugs and terrorists.  She is also a mother figure to many palace characters. Quena does her best to raise the young rulers to follow the traditions of the rulers before them.
Social Neutral
Flint is a simple-minded fisherman wanting nothing more than to make an honest living for his family. He works hard and never complains. He isn’t mentally sound, but knows to keep low and out of trouble. The laws are meant to keep the chaotic world in check. He is paranoid of the government but wouldn’t dare rebel in fear of getting taken away from his family. He’s been in and out of hospitals for his poor mental and physical health so he lives by the rules just to get by and keep up a good appearance.
True Neutral
Ravis is a true neutral. He has no sense of right or wrong. He follows no rules and has no morals. He is a serial killer and man-eater who feels no sympathy or remorse. He doesn’t kill for a cause or because he enjoys it. He kills because he’s a beast with a taste for blood. The only thing keeping him from slipping over to the dark side is his love for Jessie. He has a terrible case of Stockholm syndrome ever since Jessie became his prison guard. He will blindly follow her to his death. Since Jessie is a lawful good character, Ravis will do heroic deeds at her side. But he will fall right back to his immoral behaviors if not restrained. He might save a child or he might eat a child. Because of the extreme swings in his behavior and warped morality, he is the true neutral.
Rebel Neutral
Neil is a passive aggressive character often dismal and hating the world, but doing little to change it. Neil is a scientist friend of Peony who often works with her projects and research. Unlike her, he isn’t a doctor to help people, but rather to exploit problems and do medical experiments. He despises the corruption but feels he can do little to change it so he uses it to his advantage. For this, he is very shady. He has ties with other nations and gives them secret information in hopes of stirring up conflicts. He is mostly just depressed because he is in love with Peony but she doesn’t love him back. He has no strong loyalties, but leans toward supporting the rebels just to see the mundane world change and know he’s not the only one unhappy in it.
Chaotic Neutral
SS is a tech specialist and cyber hacker with a fiery temper. He is completely selfish and untrustworthy. He’s loyal as it suits him and will flee danger when he’s needed most. His unpredictability may surprise with a timely good deed or untimely backstabbing. He’s either the gum in the works or the last needed push to pull through. Likely to take revenge, it is best to keep on his good side. For the right price or bribe, he will be a valuable “friend”. His ultimate goal is to take back his yellow robot (Robert) which went rogue after a super virus stole it.
Lawful Impure
Ket is a long time relation to the royal family and is in strong support of upholding the law and customs of the nation. Everything must be done by the book. All laws are absolute. He takes pride in helping lead the nation and enjoys living as royalty. Smug and arrogate, he likes the world as it is and will use his power to keep it that way. He keeps a clean political image by hiding behind tradition, which he uses to his advantage. He may be impure, but he is not evil. He loves the royal family and thinks the nation is grand. He cares about keeping a positive reputation not only for himself, but for the nation’s status across the world. He doesn’t dream of conquest or using his power to hurt others. He’d rather sit back sipping tea and wait for the current ruler (Copter) to die since he has a sure shot for next in line for the throne.
Social Impure
Bimlark is another high political figure. He is in charge of the nation’s defenses and police force. Unlike Ket who sits back inside the palace walls making up regulations, Bimlark is out actively enforcing the laws. He takes pride in the nation and wants to crush the rebels and flex his power by expanding the territories. Yet, he is bound by his superiors and Ket’s petty politics. Ket and Bimlark are constantly trying to win the tyrant’s favor (Copter) and hopefully be rewarded the throne once he passes from his chronic illness.  Bimlark may be ambitious, but he is not completely evil. He has a family and children who he would never want to put in danger. His troops are individuals that he gladly would fight along side of. He is brave and a true patriot.
Neutral Impure
The tyrant actually has a son. Copper is the rightful aire to the throne, but because of his disgraceful attitude, he is unfit. Copper is lazy, selfish, and neutral to everything. He wants nothing to do with responsibility, but enjoys the perks and power that comes with it. He is not evil because he has no ill motives nor does he ever desire to harm others. He hates the idea of war, but doesn’t care that many go to bed hungry. All he wants is to party and live in luxury.
Rebel Impure
Sly and street smart, Ruby is anything but a damsel. Ruby is a dancer gal living among the criminals and scum of the cities. She hates the authorities and enjoys making mischief for them. She isn’t afraid to kill and has no shame in her deviant behavior. She takes up the rebel cause and dreams of the day the leaders are finally assassinated. Still she is independent and clever enough to recognize a rebel cult (Ace’s following) and won’t follow any cause blindly.
Chaotic Impure
Ryfusd is like Ravis without a leash. He is ruthless and feral. He is not human and has no human sympathy. He has no concept of civilization or human law. Ryfusd is a killer and destroyer. He has no motives or passions but kills because it is natural for him. He does not however fall into the category of evil since he is only a beast. Ryfusd is not held to the morality standards of humans since he doesn’t understand them.
Lawful Evil
Copter is the infamous tyrant who is dying but dreams of ruling the world. With a chronic illness, time is short, and Copter wastes no time. He uses his power to control and command with fear as his weapon. He is arrogant, angry, and vengeful. He will order death upon whoever he wishes without remorse. Bitter to the world, he doesn’t necessarily enjoy his power. He treats his evil tyranny as a duty and lawful destiny. Love and personal happiness for himself are petty in his grand scheme so he makes those sacrifices to reach his goal. He killed his weak father (who had the same illness) in order to take the throne at a younger age. His ambitions are to make his name and his nation great. When he dies, he wants to be remembered and feared long after. Reputation is everything to him. He hungers for power because he ultimately has none. Faced with death, the law is all he has. He plans to use it at full force until his death takes him.
Social Evil
Robiv is a parasitic machine that infects the body, mind, and ultimately the soul. Robiv is patient. He is resourceful, crafty, and persuasive. He uses the law when necessary, but he much rather trick his enemy into giving him what he wants without using force. For this, he is even more feared than Copter. He welcomes as a friend but bites like a snake. He treats his power as a tool rather than an end goal. He doesn't crave control of just land, wealth, or other nations, rather he wants control each individual. He desires control over life itself. He will befriend his enemy just to use him. Robiv used Copter’s pride to persuade him to give him the throne on his deathbed. Robiv is slowly gaining control of the world by playing the role of peaceful leader. He appears to be the nation’s hero after generations of Copter’s tyranny. Robiv uses his meat puppet Octis to interact with the sentient creatures. He has charm, intellect, and an unsettling set of orange eyes that stare down anyone who questions his motives.
Neutral Evil
Ace is the most selfish of the villains. He’s a narcissist. He’s a terrorist. He’s vain, bipolar, and cruel out of spite. He will do anything to hurt and manipulate others including smooth talking, fear tactics, or simply degradation. Unlike Octis, Ace has no elegance and will outright lie and deceive. His goal is revenge. His childhood was done wrong and the chip on his shoulder has him against the whole world. It doesn’t matter if he harms the authority or the innocent. He just wants someone to pay. He loves making a woman cry for him and he hates seeing a happy child. When it comes to his own happiness, he turns to any self-destructive behavior he can manage. He has an emptiness that cannot be filled. Pain doesn’t faze him because he’s a sadist. It reminds him that he’s alive. He loves bringing chaos wherever he goes, but insists on others to obey him like a king.  He pretends to be a lot of things to get a lot of support, but really he is nothing but a con-man eager to see the world burn. His goal is to destroy Robert and have fun messing up his perfect world along the way.
Rebel Evil
Snow loves killing. He wasn’t wronged in the past. He doesn’t want revenge. Snow just loves the power of taking life. He is a pyromaniac and explosion expert. He hangs around the rebels and Ace’s followers because he wants to get in on the destruction. He could care less if the world is corrupt. He is a hit man for the sport. Snow takes on the job to assassinate Robert for the challenge. He is passionate about what he does. He doesn’t make it to chaotic evil though since he does follow the rules given to him by Ace. If Ace says don’t kill this one, he has enough self control not to. But if Ace wants him to kill a child, Snow would do so with a smile.
Chaotic Evil
Terence is Flint’s evil half. Flint suffers from a split personality disorder. Terence has no self-control. His desire to kill cannot be reasoned with because he is insane. He has no rules. He will hurt the ones that love him. He will self harm and starve himself just to spite Flint. Because he is a danger to even himself, Terence is marked as the most chaotic evil character. He is put on medications to control his outbreaks, but Terence is always waiting to strike. He has no goals or motivations. He is just always ready to kill.


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Hannah New
Artist | Professional | Film & Animation
United States
Currently Calarts Character Animation student and 3D animator
I love running, robots, gators, ducks, Beastie Boys, KnifeParty, Skrillex, Slenderman, Bioshock, Bossk, Boba Fett, General Grievous, InvaderZim, SpongeBob and sushi.
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Follow my art here!
I'm still busy at Calarts, but I'll be posting current work and w.i.p. on dA and tumblr. I'm also still doing remote contract work as a 3D artist/ animator for the company I worked at prior to moving to Cali. Between that and my student film I'm kept quite busy. I get the feeling that most of my dA buddies from way back when are busy with marriage, kids, college, and jobs, but this account is still active for all you guys still around! And new peeps! My comic is still an ongoing thing too. I've just switched gears toward animation for a while. Best wishes to all of you! :heart:

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